craftmanship bathroom

Our work is our passion

Craftsmanship and production skills

We love our work and we do our best to find original, innovative and high-quality solutions

The tradition of design and craftsmanship supports our work and meets technology to improve production process and the quality of our materials

Unique ideas for bathroom by Freddi

The ideas

A unique, precious and modern style

We are inspired by the beauty and the culture of our territory. We try to understand the emerging trends in order to design bathroom furniture which may be able to evaluate our space and may give it a touch of modernity and functionality


From conception to development

Inspiration creates new and original elements to fit different ambiences. Our technicians work together with our Designers in order to develop efficient solutions suitable for any situation. The development of a project starts only after a deep market research and after the evaluation of its aesthetic impact


From the idea to a quality object

Conceiving and realizing an original idea is an important step of our work, making us able to produce a nice, functional and long-lasting product. That means for us to be able to select carefully raw materials, to choose the best way of managing the production process and finally to choose the best way of assembling each part, so that final product may match our high quality standards. As last step of the development process, we test the resistance to the weight and to the external agents ( water and detergents ) and finally we test even drawer guides and doors hinges and much more else

Bathroom creation and projects