A unique experience

Who we are

Our Company IVAB was created in 1990 by Freddi brothers in Casto, in the province of Brescia. It has always been specialized in Bathroom Furnishing. Its story started with Accessories and has expanded later, in order to offer a more and more wide experience

Freddi bathroom accessories made in Italy

Passion and love for beauty push us to create each product according to the highest quality standards in order to satisfy every kind of need. That’s why our company, with over 30 years experience, does not forget its origins and promotes Made in Italy products in order to create pure design items

Freddi leader in bathroom furniture
A rapidly expanding reality

We strongly believe that a partnership based on professional skills and value sharing can be successful. Thanks to this belief we had the opportunity of working together with top designers, who could transform our collections into unique pieces able to make our daily bath-room a refined and elegant space.

Besides that, Freddi is a company searching for a continuous development and wishing for new solutions. At this aim and in order to make our offer complete, we cooperate with other companies focused on bathroom products. 

Our Designers
Michel Boucquillon arquitect
Michel Boucquillon

He moved his first steps as an Arquitect and soon started cooperating as a Designer with many leading companies. He thinks each product should reflect in its use man’s mood and should lead him towards a positive mood.

Maurizio Duranti designer
Maurizio Duranti

He is a versatile artist, active in many different fields besides Design and creates products for every room in the house. His experience and creativity made him able to deserve many different prides, such as GOOD DESIGN AWARD

ErvaBasilicoGirardi designer

ErvaBasilicoGirardi is a Design Studio founded in 2001 and made up of professionals with different origins and different skills. They were born with the culture of innovation and in their products they combine technology with creativity, methodology with capacity of surprising and sensory experience


Casto ( BS )
Freddi brothers founded IVAB, moving their first steps in Bathroom products field


Casto ( BS )
New corporate headquarters with wide Administrative Offices and a technologically new Production Unit were built


IVAB expanded its range of products and started working in Bathroom Furnishing sector focused the whole factory on it


Freddi increases its presence abroad promoting the real Made in Italy