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Bathroom Accessories: which one should we choose?

Details make the difference and even bathroom has its own requirements !
Besides sanitaries, furniture and lighting we cannot forget the choice of accessories.
These small objects may help us a lot to organize the space around us and even being precious themselves, making the whole room full of style.

Here some tips : first let's always choose high quality accessories, which may be resistant to any cleaning and beauty products.
Let's remember that rust and superficial peeling ( chromed or not ) are our worst ennemy.
Each range of accessories has its own style, which may help us to match the taste of the furnishing all around. We should never buy accessories coming from different ranges, unless it's our personal choice. But the result would be a bit confusion in our bathroom . That's why we think it is much better to have only one design which may match everything harmoniously.

And don't forget the countertop set : glas holder and soap dish or soap dispenser. Buying liquid soap pre-filled into dispenser is not always the best choice. Actually it's important to show always elegance in particular in bathroom for guests and therefore it would be better to choose ceramic or glass dispensers rather than plastic ones which micht be easily found at the supermarket. Even ceramic or glass dispensers are easy to be used and for sure more impressive!

As always Freddi can advise you with its 15 ranges, from the classical to the modern accessories. All our products are Made in Italy and carry a ten year warranty against plating defects.

Let's remain on the safest way and let's choose Freddi.


In the pic: Ecco-Ecco, design Michel Boucquillon