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Wall-mounted or countertop accessories: which ones should we choose?

A metaphysical doubt which overwhelms all those who renovated their bathroom and now are keen to buy accessories.

Even considering that the offer of products has become wider in the last few years and an increasing number of ranges try to optimize the space with the highest style level, the question still remains the same: wall-mounted or countertop accessories?

Before choosing we have to consider some features of our bathroom.


1)   Available space: even though there are many minimal ranges having the smallest size, it is necessary to decide carefully where we want to place accessories. For example if we have a top such as a big basin, we might choose a set of Tumbler, Soap Dish and Soap Dispenser. On the contrary, if we have a smaller basin, we had better to choose for wall-mounted Accessories to be placed over bathroom furniture in order to spare more space

2)   Practicality must come first and before anything else: this is a critical but very important point. We have to keep in mind that accessories must be nice and as functional as possible at the same time. As a consequence, we might choose a Toilet roll holder with or without cover or a complete towel stand to be placed between toilet and bidet. The most important is to have clear in mind  the function it will be used for over time.

3)   The style: having clear in mind  the available space and the functions we desire, we can finally focus on our favourite style and choose the most appropriate range, which is the most amusing part of this list. The most important here is to understand what we like the most and to choose the shapes which suit the style of our bathroom. Be brave if you want, since bathroom accessories are forever!