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Furnishing a bathroom for a couple: love can be even in bathroom

It's not that easy to furnish a bathroom. If you do not want to waste any moment with your partner (even not in bathroom), we have the right item for you!
Here some tips to help you in furnishing your bathroom!

HONEYMOON: your partner and you do not want to waste any single moment together? Well, in this case you need a cabinet with double basin! It is suitable for a small bathroom, making you and your partner able to remain near each other at any time. If you want to add a touch of creativity, you just need to use two single mirrors, even with different dimensions, which creates something particular at first sight.
CLOSE BUT NOT TOO CLOSE: it's nice to be close, but it does not mean to get sticky! If you think this is your feeling, here you can find the bathroom for you. You need only to use two cabinets, even if smaller and the game is done! Everyone has his own space and functionality is guaranteed. If you want to organize better your space, you can insert an open unit between the compositions and you will have a clever and modern solution.
CLOSE BUT WITH DESIGN: "I love to be close to my partner, but I wish I could have a stylish bathroom nevertheless": no one likes compromises and this is why the best solution is to meet everyone's taste. Why don't you use a countertop basin to give a touch of design to your bathroom? It can fit any model and its matt finish can make your bathroom modern and glamour.

Well, it's clear there may be a lot of different options and our tips can make your living together easier. Don't forget : whatever your ideal bathroom is, choose it with us !