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What are the greatest hits in 2021? Minimalism is still on the top, but with pastel colours

This year 2021 is going to finish. What was its trend?

Minimalism is still on the top and the common imperative is Less is more, that is to say that spaces must be as simple as possible without excess or items which may be perceived as unnecessary.

For this reason let's leave room for simplicity. And Sintesi is the ideal choice, since it is a combination of purity and elegence. In plus its chrome finish looks really perfect to bring out this collection without making the ambience heavier.

Besides the shapes, even the shades have ridden the trend of linearity: clear shades are confirmed in their links to Earth and to natural atmospheres but in pastel colours.

Bathroom furniture takes inspiration from all this and becomes once again the protagonist of the whole ambience. Easy for sure, but also able to catch the attention and to be leader in social networks.

A perfect example is our range Top in its White Malta version (for the top shelf) and Octopus Matt (for the base cabinet). It has a unique style and gives a great glamour effect.


Anyway, trends of this year are similar to the ones of 2020, but also constantly evolving compared to last year.

Bathroom has become one of the most important space of our house and nothing can be left to chance.