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How to decorate a bathroom with marble

Marble is a vey appreciated material, especially for bathroom. It's useless to hide it. The reason is the idea of elegance that it transmits. Marble can give a unique style to any ambience and it's really difficult to have the same feelings with another texture
But do you know that marble is even hated? Its value needs to be much more cared and sometimes this does not help us to enjoy it.

What should we do? On the market we may find some ceramics which reproduce perfectly the texture of marble and which are they more resistant and not that expensive at the same time, which represents a smart solution for all those who love elegance and also practicality.

And this is the idea Freddi created in cooperation with the Designstudio ErvasBasilicoGirardi. From this concept we developed our range Storage, with its marble effect finishes. It represents a really unique way to make our bathroom more valuable, rich in style and also resistant, which allows us to fully enjoy our bathroom furniture.
Hurry up and discover the whole range Storage. You may find all the details in the Section Bathroom Furniture