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Inspiration from the world: Pantone colour 2020, Classic Blue

Also this year, Pantone, which is the leader company in the classification of colours, chose the colour which is likely to have a great influence on fashion and design.

It was chosen the Classic Blue, an evergreen colour (according to Pantone company) offering safety and stability, which are essential for our time, when the change is quick and sudden.

This colour is very different from the Coral Colour of 2019 but can be a source of inspiration for bathroom, where blue tones have always been really loved. Why don't we choose a similar tone for our bathroom? We might match the new Pantone Colour 2020 with a furniture such as the one of our Range Laundry, which is ethereal and has rounded and quiet shapes.


In the pic: Laundry Collection, design ErvasBasilicoGirardi