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Inspirations from the world : Pantone 2022, Very Peri

Also this year the company Pantone has already chosen the colour which will represent the Year 2022: Very Peri.

According to the Company, this colour aims at transmitting the meeting between the digital and the real world, which are closer and closer after this long period of pandemic and isolation. Recently times have changed a lot and quickly and our digital life is more and more involved in our real life. There is no more such a clear distinction as there was some years ago. These realities merge together and open the door to a virtual dynamic world.

Actually this colour transmits a lively and joyful attitude and embraces the quality of blue colours, having at the same time a purple-red shade.

For sure it’s a special and even bold colour, that gives character to our furnishing, thanks to diverse combinations. In bathroom it can be matched to the warm shades of wood, giving unique sensations. Hard not to appreciate in our cabinet Kubic the combination of Very Peri and our wood finish Sunset. It’s an uncommon eye-catcher that fascinates and amazes.