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A real design Spring: this is our new Freddi catalogue

Changing, evolving and creating something unique. This is what our company has been trying to do for over 30 years in Bathroom Accessories branch. And this was also our aim, when we created our new catalogue Freddi. Thanks to the cooperation with Ervas&Basilico Design Studio, we could develop new and unique collections, which represent a real revolution in bathroom. Wanna have an example?

Look at Moon, a unique object which makes a towel stand become the absolute protagonist in bathroom, thanks to its shape and design.

Or look at our model Tubes, which was devised to optimise space in one single item. It can carry out several functions, such as a toilet roll holder, brush holder or other object holder.

The Splendido model encapsulates the idea of perfection sought by the Ancient Greeks. Perfect beauty is an embellishment of the insert in this collection.

These are some of the novelties of our new catalogue. Wanna discover more? For further details about our collections, visit the page dedicated to Bathroom Accessories.


In the pictures, design by ErvasBasilicoGirardi